About Us

VOHH: Voice of Humanity and Hope

VOHH is a Photography based organization in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Founded : March 04,2016, founded by Mohammad Shahnewaz Khanand there are some departments of VOHH.

VOHH Photography Institute

VOHH Photography Institute is an Education department of VOHH, based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We teach all kind of Photography, in the depth and high level study, especially for Storytelling and Documentary photography by Artistic and Journalistic point of view.


VOHH FOTO FEST is a Biennial, Month long, International photography-festival in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Each edition, there are an open call for submission and VOHH chooses some guest artists for the festival.

Theme: VOHH - Voice of Humanity and Hope

Entry is FREE and open for worldwide. We are looking for long-term documentary projects in depth, which can play significant role for Humanity and our Planet. Photographers have a great chance to win The Title "VOHH Documentary Photographers of the Year" and opportunity to participate in the Prestigious, Unique and Typical, Metaphoric Exhibitions. Winners work will be shown and highlight at VOHH website, as well International Exposure. “VOHH FOTO FEST” was held In the Art Galleries, Rural communities, Villages, Sea and River areas, Streets, Garbage-Dump-yard, slums, factories, even in jungle, wild environment and among the tribes. The purpose of this photography festival is, to convey to the all kind of people. Our aim is to spread photographic revolution, to make awareness for Social Development and Environment. Those backward places have been selected for exhibition, where improvement and awareness is needed. VOHH FOTO FEST is a massage to the worldwide and that is, photography for humanity.

VOHH Foundation

A Non-Profit Organization whose aim to work for world humanity, to raise awareness in to the society.

Work field:

  1. # Human rights
  2. # Education
  3. # Health
  4. # Social Issue
  5. # Environment
  6. # Food Distribution
  7. # Gender Equality
  8. # Racism
  9. # Justice

VOHH Magazine

This department is like an international press agency; our goal is to show what is happening in the world, in the form of long term documentaries, reportages and stories. Send us your stories, reportages, documentaries, VOHH are waiting to publish in the Magazine. Theme is VOHH: Voice of Humanity and Hope.Show us a massage, a hope to change the world. VOHH want to highlight your project for Mankind.