Gold Medal

Alejandro Martinez Velez
1991, is a freelance photojournalist currently based in Madrid. He is currently documenting the exodus of hundreds of thousands of people to Europe. His pictures have been exhibited in different cities like Madrid, Moscow, Istanbul, Shanghai, Warsaw, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Budapest, Mexico City or Beirut.

Migrants in Belgrade
As a result of the closure of some European borders, March 2016, thousands of migrants are blocked in countries of the Balkan Route waiting to continue their journey. About 1,500 men, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, lived in disused warehouses next to Belgrade’s Central Station. In spite of the low temperatures, until -16ºC, this group of migrants stayed to live in these barracks for fear of being deported if they went to official camps of the Serbian Government. Most people who lived in the Alejandro Martinez Velezwarehouses in Belgrade have made their journey by land crossing over Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria.