Honorable Mention

OdedWagenstein’s (1986) body of work spans documentary and cultures photographywith aging and our lost fight against time as main themes. His images and articles have been published in numerous international platforms,both in print and digital, such as the BBC, National Geographic, and National Geographic Traveler. He has published three books.

The Void We Leave
A chance encounter led me to meet the members of an aging community, living in a crumbling complex in Cienfuegos, Cuba. On my subsequent visits, I returned to find apartments turning empty. The tenant left the world, leaving a few personal objects behind and the void between the walls. Those walls witnessed so much: relationships and birthdays, joy and sadness. Now, they stand in their solitude. Soon, the government will lodge a new tenant in the apartment and walls will be painted again, until they too will become another layer of paint on the wall.