Honorable Mention

SaifHasan Khan
SaifHasan Khan is an amateur photographer based in Barisal, Bangladesh. He completed his basics of photography from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute and Advanced Course On Practical Photography form Counterfoto. Currently he is studying Professional BBA in Barisal Institute of Information and Technology.

When hope disappears
Description: Though Bangladesh contributes lowest (only 0.3%) to the amount of emission driving global warming, it is one of the worst victim of global warming effects. Our country tops the Global Climate Risk Index, a ranking of 170 countries most vulnerable to climate change. Rising sea levels will definitely be the biggest threat for Bangladesh among all the external drivers related to climate change. Sea level rise affects the coastal zone of Bangladesh and its geometry in a number of ways including inundation, erosion and saline water intrusion into the water induced risks and will continue to suffer the most.