Honorable Mention

Anikitos Hadjicharalampous
I was born in Cyprus in 1966. Self - taught documentary photographer and I mainly drawing my subjects from the people's daily lives.I had taken part in several exhibitions and in November 2008 I issued my first personal photo album with the title “Visitors in their Land”.

The St. Clemente’s Orphans
In Riruta slum which located in Nairobi of Kenya, residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $ 1.00 a day with a 57-year life expectancy.I found myself in St. Clement Orthodox Primary school, which numbers around 150 orphan children and is located in the Riruta slum. They are financially supported and managed by the Archbishopric of Kenya. All children are taught, fed and dressed by the special programs of the Metropolis. Late in the afternoon they return to the houses in the surrounding area where they are taken care of by relatives or foster families.