Honorable Mention

Son of Samir kantidey&Dulalidey. Date of birth 18.01.1979 nationality Bangladeshi by birth. After Completion of graduation at 1999 went to National Maritime Institute Bangladesh for pre sea marine course and started professional marine life from 2002 and continuing till now. Beside this professional carrier completed photography foundation course from photo art institute at 2014 and learning documentary photography from VOHH photography institute from 2016.

The Mariner
Throughout the time of Christopher Columbus, when the world is at an all-time stage of communication, The trade system of each country is still dependent on import export by the ship. It is a major part of national revenue earnings.The well-trained and educated mariner is the main power of this industry. Those people who have been successfully making this industryand for the industry they sacrifice their golden time of life.Normally the mariner decided to sail for money and a lucrative lifestyle but they realized that it was far away from reality. In there every step of marine life they have been faced the cruel reality of sea life. Where nobody ensure there confirm safe life for a day but they are trying in there every single day on board for a peace full life for their family.