Honorable Mention

EmanueleOcchipinti is a freelance documentary photographer. At 20 years old he started to travel around Europe and South America, developing a passion for photography.In 2012 he ended a three-year course at “ScuolaRomana di Fotografia” gaining a master degree in photojournalism. In 2016 he studied the International Program of Photojournalism at the DMJX, Danish School of Media and Journalism. He also attended different workshops with George Georgiou, Rob Hornstra, Lorenzo Castore, JoachimSchmid amongst others.He is currently working on a long term project in the Balkans area, aiming to analyse the political and socio- economical events in the aftermath of Kosovo’s war.

The flowers of Kosmet
“Kosmet” is short for “Kosovo and Metohija”, a land which has been long disputed by the Serbian and Albanian Kosovans. After the war, the UN intervention allowed for a return of the Albanians, who in their turn enacted a ferocious revenge against the Serbs and forced about 200,000 Serbs to flee Kosmet and seek refuge in safer areas. Due to the ongoing violence and the lack of security, Serbs today represent less than 20% of the population of Kosmet. My work seeks to tell the stories of these people’s lives, people who are rooted to their land, as are the božur - the local name for peonies - the flowers of Kosmet, scarlet in colour, just like the blood that has been spilt in this never-ending war.