From Labyrinth; living with anonymous apprehensions

Farshid Tighehsaz
Farshid is a freelance photographer based in Tabriz, Iran. He was born in 22 July 1987. He's father was an amateur photographer. Farshid started photography for understanding the Life after his father died in since 2006. Also he studied General Psychology at the University.

In 2010 he started professionally work with some news agencies in Iran. He’s works has been published internationally on news agencies such as New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, associated press, Agence France-Press.


From Labyrinth; living with anonymous apprehensions
This project is about the fears and the repercussions of the Islamic revolution in Iran as well as the impact of eight years of war in the frame of the possibility of potential future.

After forty years from the start of the revolution, we became the generations thrown into a labyrinth of ideologies. Our identity is like a bobble that refers neither to historicity nor to the modern world. Any demand for social justice and identity is suppressed by the system. Institutions and departments do not accept any views other than the ruling one. All this destroys the space for growth and hope. Discrimination by the fundamental thinking towards the greatest part of Iranian society comprised mostly by youth belonging to the middle-class makes a hard dichotomy. These portraits of dichotomy are of the youth without a future, portraits of hopelessness, unemployment, and anxiety.

War, discrimination, poverty and abuses by government imposed by the government have changed our culture to the “culture of fear”. Resilience has been destroyed in the face of misfortune.

The constant repetition of negative emotions transforms our perception of life and our surrounding world. This heavy burden transmutes into a permanent status of apathy; in essence it is like being in limbo. Such limitation often leads to depression, violence and suicide.